That is why today I want to tell you what you can do if you lose your passport abroad. First of all, we have already commented on other occasions, how important it is to take a photocopy apart or take a photo and take it on your mobile phone to facilitate our identification in those cases.

Then, we have to solve the issue, to be able to leave the country in which we are and to be able to take our plane, train or ship to be able to return, conveniently identified home. what to do in that case?

What can you do if you lose your passport abroad

Whether it is a loss, an accidental loss or a subtraction, if we lose the passport while abroad, we have a double problem: first the need for identification to leave the country and second, the cancellation of our passport to prevent someone from using it fraudulently, or sell it on the black market.

The loss of the ID (if we are not within the EU we would not need a passport) or the loss of the passport can cause some sense of panic, especially if instead of being a result of the dismissal, its disappearance is the result of a robbery or theft.

What to do without documentation? Can we leave the country and return to Spain? Keep calm and know how to act in these cases are basic things so that our trip does not become a horror.

The first thing to do is to report the loss or theft to the police. Filing a complaint will ensure that possible fraudulent use of our identification documents does not have consequences for us.

On the other hand, when we denounce we will obtain a proof of the complaint that will allow us to process the passport again or if it is not possible, it will facilitate us to manage a temporary safe-conduct that allows us to return to our country.

After reporting to the local police, we must go to the Spanish Embassy or consulate in the country we are in. Here you can see where they are located, on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and if we are in a place without consular representation, we can go to the office of another EU country.

After the negotiations at the embassy, we can obtain a new passport or a passport that allows us to return to Spain within 48 hours. To obtain the new document, you must attach the complaint, fill out a form and deliver two passport-sized photos.
It will also be necessary to provide a photocopy of the lost ID or passport, so it does not hurt to carry a copy on the mobile, in an email addressed to ourselves or carry a paper copy, things that should be taken into account – just in case – Before going on a trip.

If we have some precaution and carry these copies on paper or digital, the procedures will always be simpler, so we recommend you make sure and read this article well before traveling, consulting where are the diplomatic offices of the destination we plan to go to, In case we have the bad luck of losing the passport abroad .

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