It is hard to decide where to start, and where to continue and where to end, but what is clear is that if you go to the capital of Germany you have to go through the Museum Island that has had a new building for a week: the James-Simon-Galerie.

This new building, designed by David Chipperfield, serves as a new entrance between the Kupfergraben canal and the Neues Museum. In addition to this welcome feature to the thousands of daily visitors, it houses all the complementary facilities that museums need. Your inspiration? They say that colonnade on a stone pedestal resembles a classical piano.
The Museum Island (Museuminsel) is the name given to the northern half of the Spreeinsel, the island that is in the middle of the Spree River and that is the pure cultural center of Berlin, also having the Berliner as icing on the cake Dom and the Lustgarten. Five museums, each one more appealing and visited are on that island: the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the Old Museum, the New Museum, and the Old National Gallery .

It has been almost a century before the Museum Island lived a new construction, not just the reconstructions that the terrible passage of war forced. Until the restoration of the Pergamon Museum is finished (home of the famous Pergamon Altar, closed now to restore it) the only access to it will be through the James-Simon-Galerie and at the same time, connect the museum through the Paseo Archaeological level in the basement with the Neues Museum, the Altes Museum and the Bode Museum.

Of course, it is not only a way of entry, but the James Simon Gallery will also have temporary exhibitions, in a space located next to the entrance of the Archaeological Walk, in the basement of it.

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