Today, as every Sunday, we bring the travel advice of our Route Partners, the friendly blogs that visit us in their section and bring us new plans to fill the next vacation with travel.

From Austria to Mexico, through Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bolivia… Cities with history, paradise islands, nearby routes, curious corners, flavors of the world … For all travelers, we have this selection that will surely inspire you for the next summer.

  • We start with Traveler Learning that takes us by car to Austria to get to know its refreshing landscapes: seven key places to see in Austria. A route by car in seven days, from the capital to the most beautiful town in the country.
  • We go with George’s world to Russia, to know St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Golden Ring, several cities around Moscow. An 11-day trip that goes from the elegance and monumentality of the capitals to the charm and tradition of small towns.
  • We moved to Asia with Ikigai Destination to fall in Thailand: Routes, tips, and experiences to squeeze a great trip to the country. With the essential places, better dates to travel, budget … And, of course, some photographs that inspire us.
  • We continue with Travel Therapy that takes us to the Philippines: what to see and do in El Nido. With all the information to enjoy this town and the island of Palawan: paradisiacal beaches, spectacular lakes, the best excursions … An unforgettable holiday!
  • We changed the continent with Travel with Diego, “A travel chemo”, which brings us his tour of Potosí, the origin of silver. A   destination in Bolivia but not so much for foreign visitors and that it is worth it for its beauty and history.
  • We continue in America, in this case With P passport invites us to discover the authentic flavors of Mexico. A walk through the extensive Mexican cuisine that makes our mouths water and leaves us wanting more …
  • We want to finish in Galicia with Yes, I am Galician: route of the Camellia and the Pazo de Rubianes. A tour that brings us closer to this emblematic flower of Galicia and a place where Pazo de Rubianes stands out, near Villagarcía de Arousa, province of Pontevedra.

We hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you have been inspired for your next trips, you are sure that you are already planning, because the holidays are falling!

If you write your own travel experiences on your blog or know a blog that you want to recommend, you can send us the information through our contact form to include them in our next Route Partners or leave a comment in this post. Happy Sunday!

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