But there are still paradises to visit, and even places not so rosy to learn to look. Because traveling, you also learn.

Like every Sunday, we return with our section Companions of the Road, made for the sake of radiography in travel blogger panorama and hunt and highlight the entries that we found most interesting. Naturally, if you consider that you have a particularly interesting entry and want us to take a look to assess its inclusion in our Sunday special, you just have to get in touch with us.

  • Many of you will have seen it in thousands of Instagram photos where the most daring, let their legs hang towards the void on a stone slope of no more or less 600 meters. 600 meters of free fall. It is the Pulpit or Preikestolen, in Norway. It is worth discovering it from the original hand of this traveler named Z de Murziélaga.
  • Closed to the public more than 50 years ago, this weekend authorities in Egypt opened access to two pyramids in Dahshur, in southern Cairo, along with a collection of sarcophagi, with mummies in good condition. This post by Alan around the world explains it to us.
  • Bilbao is one of those small cities, very affordable and very close, ideal to visit on a weekend or on a short bridge. Of course, a couple of days to visit Bilbao. If you want to know more places like Donostia, San Juan de Gastelugatxe or make a route through the Cantabrian you will need more days, but a first contact can be Bilbao in a weekend. Andén 27 explains it in his blog.
  • The Viking route of Denmark is one of the great treasures that you cannot miss if you are going to visit this small country soon, and you are thinking about what to do and what to see in Denmark. A little paradise for all those passionate about Vikings and Nordic history. He explains it to us at home anywhere.
  • If on your trip through Colombia you visit Medellín, take advantage of a day trip from there and get to know Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol. You can visit one of the most colorful villages in the Colombian department of Antioquia and enjoy one of the best views in the region. Kris tells us about the world in his blog.
  • The wandering traveler tells us 15 charming Italian villages. Some will not see them in the lists of top places in Italy, but I think they deserve to be known and visited.

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