One of the great trips and the guided visits or alone, and of all that always goes our Companions of Route, which help us find inspiration to plan our getaways.

As always we remind you that none of this would be possible if we could not read your ideas and adventures, so if there is any travel page that we have not yet discovered, get in touch with us and we will value your inclusion in next Sundays.

  • Something they have visits to houses and castles that exert a great attraction on us, that’s why we get so long teeth to read in Traveling with Rosana the visit to the Castle of Chenonceau, the splendor of history.
  • And from a castle in France, we go to one in Cuba by the Wandering Travelerwho invites us to visit the Castillo de la Roca del Morro, in Santiago de Cuba
  • Strasbourg is a hidden pearl in the middle of Europe and sometimes not given the importance it has. From Travelers 3.0 we are presented with a wonderful day visit.
  • And who says to visit a castle because he says to visit the bunker ARK-Do of Marshal Tito in Bosnia. A whole underground experience accompanied by the good people of Without Postal Code.
  • Castillo does not have, but you have to go to the medieval city of Bamberg and its seven hills, knowing everything that we have been told in Travel Notebook.
  • Summer is a time for family trips, so the ideas they give us from Viajes Chavetas in their Family Plans guide in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Continue with your trips and your discoveries, keep telling it on your pages and leave us to notice on our contact form because sometimes we are very clueless. We want to know everything.

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