Cotton or microfiber? a less easy choice than expected

When traveling, you are often out all day and in the evening a nice hot shower is the best solution to relax your muscles and head. If you are starting on a tight budget, it is not a good idea to rely on the bath towels offered by the cheapest hotels (unpleasant odors and suspicious stains are signs of poor cleaning). This is why we like to always have a practical travel bath towel with us. Choosing the best is less trivial than you might think.

The essential features for a towel to put in your backpack are few but essential:  extreme lightness, fabric that is practical to wash, and very quick to dry. It doesn’t hurt to have a hook to hang it up and maybe a towel bag. Some people prefer cotton to microfiber (which often tends to smell bad when it gets wet and does not dry perfectly), but in terms of quick-drying and lightness, the latter is truly unbeatable!

Given the low cost of these perfect towels for the trip, our advice is not only to change them very often but also to choose the one that best suits the country you visit and the type of trip that is organized. If you plan to change hotel/hostel every night, a microfiber solution is preferable (especially if you are traveling in an area with not too hot climates), while if your itinerary involves spending several nights in the same accommodation you can safely rely on the comfort of the cotton which, however, is more inconvenient on a logistical level.

The time of terry towels is over: with the cost of a few tens of euros, you will have a completely different product, which takes up less space, weighs less, and dries better.

Here are the best towels and lightweight camping towel we have tried and selected for you.

Microfiber towel

These practical microfiber bath towels are available in many sizes and even in 12 bright colors. A simple product but perfect for backpackers because it is light, compact, and super absorbent. Equipped with a practical case and loops to hang it. It is a great classic for travelers because it is stain resistant, super absorbent, and antibacterial (if dried and used well!). Being designed for use in the gym, it is ideal for daily use, therefore very frequently. All this affects the price, which is slightly higher than the average.

Microfiber travel towel – Kasliny Compact

The Kasliny Compact Microfiber Travel Towel is a highly absorbent 100% microfiber solution. Lightweight (a total of 220 grams for both sheets) and soft, it is very easy to compact thanks to the practical mesh bag with zipping. To facilitate drying and keep cleaning longer, it is equipped with a hook that allows you to hang it anywhere. This set includes a 130 cm x 80 cm bath towel and a smaller 80 x 40 cm hand towel. A little advice: on Amazon it often goes on offer, wait and you could pay it up to 50% less.

Cotton honeycomb bath towel

Those who do not want to give up the comfort of cotton could choose this type of honeycomb bath towelLighter than normal terry cloths, it allows less space and faster drying than normal cotton towelsfor those who travel with tight schedules and change accommodation every night, it is not ideal, as compared to microfiber it dries a little slower. On the other hand, however, if you take it more calmly, it could be the right solution: the downside of microfiber is in fact an unpleasant smell after long use, not present in cotton. The ideal version for the traveler is the 100 cm x 150 cm version, but you can indulge yourself among many other formats looking for the one that satisfies you the most!

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