If you want to do all this in Belgium we have found your site. We can’t think of anything better than pedaling among the treetops, in what is the perfect summer activity in Limburg.
If you first dared with the activity “Cycling through the water” in Bokrijk now go further and return to land to propose taking the bicycles to the forest and pedaling among the trees, well away from the ground, in Bosland. And if you don’t want to take a bike, hikers are welcome too.

It is a spectacular connection with nature on a path that is more than 10 meters high and round in shape. “Cycling through the trees” , which is what the experience they propose from Visit Limburg is called, is literally raising the bike rides to a new level, and totally affordable for anyone, because it is gradually reaching height to reach that maximum and also descends progressively.

You can pedal for 700 meters along that bridge seen in the initial photo – a double circle of 100 meters in diameter – which provides a spectacular 360 Β° travel sensation. It is not very suitable for people with vertigo but they ensure that all measures to protect cyclists and walkers are there, with a subtle metal mesh with their handrail. It’s width? three meters, wide enough for there to be space for everyone.

As I said, it is an extension of the ‘Cycling Synergy’ project: the strategy with which Tourism Limburg establishes an additional level of experience on the existing cycling route network. Next year ‘Cycling through the Heide’ is projected in the Hoge Kempen National Park. They are looking to be, and are getting it, the number one in bicycle tourism. A sustainable way to spend time favoring physical activity and innovating with its interventions in strategic locations and without being aggressive for the landscape.

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