So much so that we often consider ourselves experienced travelers, although sometimes we make small mistakes that complicate the experience. Based on my own successes and mistakes, today I want to tell you these 21 tips that will make your next trip easier.

Many of them are probably always taken into account. Others may seem unnecessary or perhaps obvious, but if they are on the list it is because they should not forget them. They will serve to save you money, problems or headaches on your next traveling journey. And of course, if you want to tell us some other trick or advice, leave us a comment and so your own experiences will serve other readers.

21 tips that will make your next trip easier

Normally, you only learn from your own mistakes, but if any of these tips help you avoid complications on your trips, I make the effort to have compiled them to have them all at hand.

1. Always carry auxiliary batteries and charger cable

As much as many want to resist being permanently communicated, today the mobile phone – or the tablet, laptop, etc – is essential and it is possible that when we want to use it – or need to do it – we cannot charge it. It is possible that you have on your phone, confirmation numbers, reservation details, itineraries or you are simply in a wonderful place that you want to photograph.

Having a portable charger can make a difference in your travels. Of course, it is also convenient to carry plug adapters, notebook and pen, and a padlock to protect our valuables.

2. Make photocopies of your passport and take it also photographed on your phone

If the original is lost, it will help you identify yourself and speed up the procedures to make a duplicate. You can upload the passport photo, ID, or driving license to the cloud, but a photocopy of the passport in the suitcase does not take anything and if necessary, it will be good to have it on hand to go to the consulate, embassy or the office of The police of the place where you are.

3. Have a plan B, in case of a long trip

There are times that the plans we make do not correspond to the reality of the trip. It may be that we want to extend our stay, it may be that an inconvenience arises – political, climatic, catastrophe, etc. – or an invitation that makes us change plans or itinerary. In those cases, having a plan B in case we need to shorten or lengthen our stay or to buy a new plane ticket or any other unforeseen event is important.

Having the possibility of having extra money, available only in case of need is essential when we make a long trip. You never know if we want to extend or shorten our trips or if we have to change our trips due to unforeseen circumstances. Having a credit card with a balance, you can make a difference.

4. Open your eyes and don’t look at everything through the phone

Surely during your trip, there will be a thousand things you want to photograph and film to share on your social networks, but do not forget that the fundamental thing is to live the experience. After a few seconds taking the picture, keep your cell phone and enjoy what you see.

It is a pity to miss a beautiful sunset or see it through a small screen, being able to see it with our eyes. Take the picture and then enjoy something that will always remain in your memory.

5. Get local currency, especially coins upon arrival at the airport

You may have to call your hotel to be picked up or call a friend from a public telephone, so having a change is vital. You can also get stuck at an airport for delays and if the ATM does not work, it is useful to have coins to get some food or drink.

It is convenient to have enough cash to cover transportation from the airport to the accommodation and it is not in the way to have a little more in coins since you never know if a location will accept credit cards.

6. Learn some words from the target language

Knowing how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, please, water or how much it costs is not too much and everyone will appreciate your willingness. Nor does it hinder an online translator or a small dictionary because not everyone speaks Spanish or English and it doesn’t hurt to interact with people.

7. Be respectful and flexible

You should not go to a site to change your customs. If we have to cover our shoulders to enter a temple, we must do it. If there is a habit of leaving a tip, we should leave it too. It does not hurt to go relaxed and be respectful of the customs of each country and its culture.

8. Use Google Maps features

On trips where you are not going to have a connection, the Google Maps maps that you can download at the Hotel can be used to be able to use them offline for your trips. So you can walk – or drive – to your destination even if you don’t find a Wi-Fi connection.

9. Weigh your bags at home or at the hotel before going to the airport

It may seem that you do not carry too much but it is important to know what your suitcase weighs to make sure that you will not be overcharged at check-in. In case of excess, it is cheaper to hire a second suitcase doing it online than in the billing queue. There can be huge differences in money and especially when returning loaded with shopping and souvenirs …

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