10. If you have space in the suitcase, carry an auxiliary bag

There are many destinations – especially in Africa and Asia – where it is very cheap to buy clothes and other items. It does not hurt to carry an auxiliary begin the suitcase or in the backpack in case, we buy things. If you don’t have a place, you can also (or will have to) buy that travel bag there.

11. Take a hard drive or hire a service to download photos in the cloud

When you are fond of photography or video, it seems incredible how fast the memory cards of our cameras are filling, and we still have a lot to visit and see. Having a hard drive to download the cards thus freeing our SD or flashcards, is very good.

A very comfortable option is to have a place to store them “in the cloud” by the time we return.

12. It is not essential to have Wi-Fi constantly

Many times I have seen people panic because there was no Wi-Fi in a restaurant or in a museum. Are those who arrive, the first thing they ask is what is your Wi-Fi password? . Obviously, except for emergencies or online work, we do not need constant access to Wi-Fi.

Traveling is better to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and the company we are in and look up from the screen, enjoying being offline, at least while we are on vacation.

13. Plan what you want to see yes or yes

In all the trips I have made, there have been things I wanted to see and I have not been able to have spent time in other activities or visits. It is essential to plan by making a list of what we want to see or do and sort it by priorities, then if we can not do everything, we only miss the bottom and not what was fundamental.

14. Do what you want and not what they tell you on websites or blogs

No matter how good it is to follow the recommendations of others who have been in one place, remember that the most important thing is your own criteria. If you want to go to a museum or a restaurant or see a monument, do not forget to do it because your friends want to make other visits, or afterwards, you will feel bad for having missed what you wanted to do. Organizing, it is possible to see or do everything or distribute according to the options and preferences of each one.

15. Try cities near your destination when searching for flights

It is surprising how much a trip can be cheaper if instead of traveling to the capital we go to another nearby airport, even up to € 400-500 cheaper. Indeed, then you will have to travel from that city you originally wanted to visit, but the price difference will probably remain interesting. In addition, so you can know another place.

16. Take a chance and the essential also in your hand luggage

In case your suitcase goes astray and takes time to appear, it is good to have a survival kit in your hand luggage. A toilet bag, a change and documentation, and money can make a difference until we see the luggage or give us compensation.

17. Carry an empty water bottle

Almost all airports have free water sources where you can fill it. Do not buy water when you can simply pass an empty bottle through the controls and fill it to the other side, saving you from having to buy water from vending machines.

18. Carry a bag for dirty clothes

In almost all hotels you will find bags for your laundry service. You can use them or make your own from home, but all before mixing your clean clothes with the dirty clothes that you accumulate day after day during your trip.

19. Walk aimlessly and relate

Although I am in favor of planning, especially when the trip is short, it is also great to get carried away and walk aimlessly through the cities to discover corners that were not planned. It is essential to be able to talk with people and interact and then know how to return to the known.

20. Do not travel with expensive items or equipment

You do not need to travel with the most expensive shoes, brand clothes, or carry an expensive laptop, the latest phone model or other high-priced products. That ostentation can be in some places an invitation to be robbed.

Remember that when you travel, nobody cares about your appearance or image. It is better to relax and go comfortable and spend your money on things that make you enjoy the trip.

21. Research the destination before going

Read on our website for information and advice, buy a travel guide or visit the website of the tourist office of the destination. It is not about making a master’s degree in the place but dedicating a few hours before leaving to know the recommendations, tips, and tricks, they will save you a lot of time when you are there.

I hope these 21 tips that will make your next trip easier for you, but if you can think of others that can help us improve the experience, it would be great if you share them with us by leaving a comment.

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